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Sale Department

Hi everybody, I am Helen, leader of the Sales Department of Toupee Corp. Our Business Department is the core of Toupee Corp. Its primary duties include:

Firstly, Identifying and contacting prospects, achieving deals. Effective sales staff shift into customer service roles, use interpersonal skills, conversational strategies and empathy to gain trust with customers, to allow for the transition of a successful buying experience into repeated purchases, and eventually loyalty.

Secondly, managing existing orders and customer relationships. Sales stuff makes follow-up calls and handles incoming complaints from customers. Listening, identifying the problem and communicating a satisfying solution are key elements in service resolution.

  • Collecting market information, providing regular market analysis and forecast report and putting forward business expanding plans.
  • Responsible for after-sale service, bringing clients feedbacks to Quality Department to help achieve technology improvement and development.
  • Maintaining and developing new sales channels and new customers.
  • Coordinating its efforts to dovetail with those of all the other functional departments of Toupee Corp.